• March 13, 2023 /
  • My Estate to Liquidate

All the Questions and Answers for a My Estate to Liquidate Sale

Are you interested in or planning on attending an estate sale? If you are then there might be some questions you need to be answered. No worries, My Estate to Liquidate has provided questions we are sure you have and the answer to them all. Now let's get into them.

Can I get the prices of items ahead of time?

No, it is not possible to get the prices of items ahead of time at an estate sale. Estate sales typically occur when a person or family needs to sell a large number of possessions quickly, often due to the amount of vast variety of items. At these events, items are sold onsite and prices are determined prior fairly and as well in a three-day sale the prices do drop.

Should I Haggle for the Best Price?

Haggling for the best price at an estate sale can be a great way to save money. It requires a certain level of knowledge and negotiation skills. When haggling, it is important to know the average market value of the item you are considering, so you can make informed decisions about what kind of price you are willing to pay. You should also be aware of any additional costs that might come with purchasing the item, such as taxes or shipping fees. Knowing what you are getting into before making an offer is key to successful haggling. Furthermore, when negotiating, be sure to remain polite because aggressive behavior will not always yield results in your favor. Have your final offer ready in case the seller refuses your initial one. Finally, after a successful negotiation, remember that you still have to put down a deposit to secure the item and complete the transaction.

What is Your Refund Policy?

All sales with My Estate to Liquidate are final. We do understand there are special circumstances that we take into consideration such as items priced incorrectly, adjustments, etc.

Who can Attend an Estate Sale?

Yes, anyone can attend an estate sale. Estate sales are an opportunity for people to purchase items from a home or other property. Generally, these sales are held when the owner of a property is looking to quickly and easily liquidate any belongings before they move or when an estate must be settled after the owner passes away. Estate sales often include furniture, art, antiques, jewelry, and other collectible items. Many people may find great deals at estate sales since items are usually priced to sell quickly.

Do You Accept All Forms of Payment?

Yes, we do accept all forms of payments: cash, check, credit cards, cash app, Venmo, apple pay, and Zelle.

What Can I Expect to Find at an Estate Sale?

At an estate sale, you can expect to find a wide variety of items, ranging from furniture and antiques to everyday household goods, such as kitchen appliances and tools. Some estate sales also feature collectibles, artwork, jewelry, coins, books, vintage clothing, and accessories, as well as electronics. Depending on the estate in question, you may even find rare or one-of-a-kind items that could be quite valuable. Estate sales can also be great places for bargain hunters; oftentimes the prices are lower than those seen in regular stores or online. Be sure to check out the selection of goods available in advance so you know what to expect. Although some sellers may accept credit card payments or other forms of payment methods at an estate sale, most transactions require cash payment for purchases.

Do Estate Sales Offer Delivery Services?

No, estate sales typically do not offer delivery services for large items. Customers are expected to bring their own vehicles and/or arrange for the transport of any purchased items.

Questions to ask before hiring an Estate Sale Company?

What types of services do you provide? How long have you been in business? Are you licensed and insured? Do you offer quotes and estimates? What is your experience with estate sales of this size or similar properties? Are there any additional costs that I should consider beyond the base rate for the service provided? Can I come to see a past sale/auction to get an idea of how a typical event looks like with your company handling it? Do you also buy items from people who just want to sell without having an actual estate sale or auction event themselves? What payment methods do you accept for purchasing goods at an estate sale or auction hosted by your company, and what are the terms of payouts when selling items through one of these events using your services.

Thank You to Our Customers and Clients!

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