• July 31, 2023 /
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Top Trending Searches at Estate Sales in 2023

Estate sales in 2023 are expected to be bustling places as people search for unique items and treasures. With online shopping becoming increasingly popular, savvy shoppers are looking for one-of-a-kind finds at estate sales. Some of the top trending searches at estate sales in 2023 include antique furniture, vintage clothing, artwork, coins and other collectibles, jewelry, and rare books.

Antique furniture is a sought-after item and can often fetch a premium price at estate sales. From dressers and armoires to tables and chairs, antique furniture pieces can instantly change the look of a room while also appreciating in value over time. Antique furniture pieces may have been made with superior craftsmanship that is not found in modern pieces or simply provide a unique style that can’t be replicated today.

Vintage clothing is another hot commodity at estate sales these days. Many shoppers seek out designer labels from the past such as Chanel suits and Gucci handbags along with more everyday styles like 1950s dresses or 1970s bell bottoms. While items of clothing from certain eras may be fashionable again today, there is nothing quite like an authentic piece from that era.

Works of art are highly sought after too making them some of the most valuable items at an estate sale. Art buyers often look for paintings from well known artists or sculptures from different eras when searching for items to buy at estate sales. Prices for these items can range significantly depending on their age and condition but they are sure to add character and beauty to any home or collection.

Collectible coins and other memorabilia are also among the most popular items searched for at estate sales in 2023. Coins made of precious metals such as gold and silver are particularly desirable as they tend to hold their value better than paper money does over time. Collectors also search for stamps, sports cards, historic documents, limited edition prints, autographs, military medals and much more!

Jewelry is always on trend - especially when it comes to estate sales! Luxury jewelry brands such as Cartier or Tiffany will command a higher price tag than costume jewelry but both types can be valuable finds nonetheless! Estate sale shoppers should always ensure that any diamonds or gemstones they come across have been certified before purchasing them so they know exactly what they’re getting.

Finally, rare books have become increasingly popular amongst book collectors who visit estate sales in search of first editions or signed copies by well-known authors like JK Rowling or Harper Lee. While many people consider books throwaway objects these days due to how easy it has become to access digital copies online; physical books still hold great sentimental value making them worth investing in if you find a rare copy while out shopping at an estate sale this year!